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Testicular Pain

Testicular or scrotal pain can occur in one or both testicles in males. The testicles are very sensitive, and a minor injury can cause pain or discomfort. Testicular pain should be treated as a serious condition, and medical attention should be sought to rule out conditions such as testicular torsion, in which the blood supply to the testicles is cut off.

Symptoms of Testicular Pain

Pain and discomfort to the scrotal/testicle area are the primary symptoms. The onset may be acute (sudden) from causes like trauma or it can be slower and gradual following a chronic infection.

Risk Factors for Testicular Pain

Diagnosis and Treatment of Testicular Pain

After examining you and discussing your medical history, your practitioner may order an ultrasound to make sure there is no evidence of torsion, which is a twisting of the testicle that cuts off blood supply. This is a medical emergency and can result in sterility.

Treatment of testicular pain/scrotal pain depends upon diagnosis. The treatment may require pain relief medication, antibiotics, untwisting of the testicles by a doctor, or scrotal surgery.

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